New Homes Quality Code Consultation

The Consultation

We received over 250 responses from a range of stakeholders including individuals, people who have bought a new home as well as people who wanted to buy a new home, developers (large and small), the UK Government and devolved administrations, people representing consumer groups and others. Some of these responses were very detailed, addressing the wording of specific parts of the Code.  Some responses were more general, about the matters of principle or broad operation of it.

Consultation Report


We welcomed the fact that the overwhelming response to the consultation was strongly positive, suggesting that the considerable work done to agree the draft Code in advance of the consultation had delivered a Code that met the dual objectives set out above, namely to ensure better quality homes and strengthened consumer redress.

After the consultation closed we considered and reviewed all of the consultation responses. Many of the points raised were ones that had been considered in detail over the previous years; others were new. As a result a considerable number of changes – over 400 – were made to the detailed wording in the final Code.

The NHQB has committed to consider a number of other areas that arose as part of the consultation in detail moving forward. It was felt that looking to introduce some of these now would cause significant delay to the introduction of the new arrangements and the benefits they bring to new home buyers.  Clearly if any significant issues with the Code arise or are identified once it starts to be used, or through adjudications from the New Homes Ombudsman Service, the NHQB reserves the right to make any necessary changes as and when required.    The NHQBs response to the consultation can be found here

The final version of the  Code was issued to industry in December 2021. This will enable developers to continue to make the necessary changes within their businesses such that they can  implement the Code in 2022.