For Consumers

Welcome to the consumer section of the New Homes Quality Board. This page has been developed to provide you with additional information about the New Homes Ombudsman Service (NHOS), the Consumer Code and also keep you updated as we approach our launch. If you have further questions why not visits our FAQs or Contact Us for more details.

How does this help me?

The primary objective of the new arrangements being brought forward by the NHQB are to enhance the quality of the product being provided to consumers; and to strengthen protections for consumers in the event they are not satisfied with the quality of their new homes or the performance of their developer.

The NHQB is an independent organisation whilst the New Homes Ombudsman Service is a separate independent consumer facing body that will provide independent redress for consumers with issues.

There is a consumer representative on the NHQB whilst a separate consumer panel considers all aspects of the NHQB’s work and advises the board directly.

The NHOS will be free to use for consumers with all the new arrangements being paid for by a levy on industry that will be collected by the NHQB

The NHQB is bringing forward its proposals at pace such that the enhanced protections are in place as quickly as is possible and so benefit as many consumers as possible.

The NHQB aims to provide consumers with all the information they require about the service standards they should expect from their developer; to enable them to make informed decisions about making a complaint; and about how to make a referral to the New Homes Ombudsman.