Our Aims

Across Great Britain, we face an acute housing shortage. To address this, successive Government’s have set increasing the number of homes being built each year as a top priority. Policies to facilitate this have seen supply double in recent years.

As Government and the house building industry looks to further increase the number of homes being built, it is imperative that build quality and customer service is an absolute priority.

The NHQB aims to deliver a step change in how the house building industry operates and deals with customers.

We want to help house building to become a modern, forward-thinking industry, and give confidence to customers when they purchase their new home.

The NHQB is overseeing the creation and adoption of a comprehensive new industry code of practice, the New Homes Quality Code (NHQC), as well as the appointment of a New Homes Ombudsman Service (NHOS) to adjudicate complaints against the new Code and provide independent and robust redress for new home buyers.


The New Homes Quality Code consolidates and improves on existing protections covering important aspects of the construction, inspection and sales process; while the New Homes Ombudsman Service will provide customers with free to access, timely, independent and efficient redress.

The new arrangements provide customers with more confidence in new build homes and will provide governments with the assurance that as they introduce policies to increase housing supply, the industry will be delivering high standards of quality, service and customer satisfaction.

Government has always made clear that it is expected that all of the new arrangements will be paid for by the house building industry. Access to the NHOS will be free to consumers.