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Owned your new build home for less than two years?

If your query relates to an issue with your new home or the developer, you should firstly contact the developer to log a complaint.  Your developer has a responsibility to deal with all issues in the first two years of occupation.

If you remain dissatisfied after raising the issue with your developer, you may be able to refer your complaint to the New Homes Ombudsman:

  • The developer must be on the NHQB Register of Developers, and you must have reserved your new home after their registration date. 
  • You can contact the New Homes Ombudsman via their website or by calling 0330 808 4286.

If your developer is not registered with NHQB, or you reserved your home before their registration date, your home may be protected by an alternative scheme.  Your developer can confirm the details and how to contact them.


Owned your new build home for more than two years?

If it is more than two years since you took ownership of your new home, but less than 10 years, you should contact your warranty provider about any issues with the home.

 Anything else?

For any other questions relating to the work of the NHQB, you can contact us by:

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Or alternatively, you can complete the form below and one of our team will respond within two working days:


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