26 Mar 2024

First review of New Homes Quality Code begins

The first meeting to start the review of the New Homes Quality Code has been held by the Code Council on 26 March in London.

It is the first official review of the Code since it was launched in 2022, providing an opportunity for key stakeholders from consumer groups and industry to assess its current effectiveness and identify areas for development and growth.

The review is being led by independent Chair, Lewis Shand Smith and includes representatives from the HomeOwners Alliance, developers Cube Homes and Miller Homes, the New Homes Ombudsman Service, and representatives from conveyancers, warranty providers and surveying organisations.

Independent Code Council Chair, Lewis Shand Smith commented: “It is great to have the opportunity to meet stakeholders in person and set-out our plans for the review, which will take place during 2024. I am pleased we have representatives from both consumers and industry groups to provide an important balance in stakeholder views. We look forward to reporting on the review’s progress throughout this year as well as its final report and recommendations.”

NHQB Chief Executive Emma Toms added: “The New Homes Quality Code has been going from strength to strength since it was launched two years ago. With over 80% of the Top 50 developers now signed-up, which will account for around two-thirds of all new homes being built in England, Scotland and Wales, it is important that an independent review takes place to make sure it is robust and fit for purpose now and in the future.”